New Initiatives October 2021

by Cindy Willard

In my letter a few weeks ago, I extended a welcome to the new Impact Charitable (Impact Charitable 2.0). In support of this new strategy/positioning, we commit to doing a much better job of communicating and showcasing some of the creative capital projects we get to be a part of.  So, every few months, you can expect to learn about unique programs and investments we have, or are making on behalf of funders, as well as unique opportunities we are excited about.

Welcome new board members and staff!  We are excited to announce that Sondra Greene and Tracey Stewart have joined the Board of Directors. Both Sondra and Tracey have a great deal of experience across philanthropy, social enterprise and impact investing, and we could not be more excited that they are willing to share their gift of time with us. To that end, we would like to extend a special thank you to outgoing board/advisory board members Praful Shah and Heather Potters.  As many of you know, serving during the early, formative years of an organization is both rewarding and challenging and we would not be where we are had it not been for those who agreed to take on such a challenge.

I am also pleased to announce two new additions to the Impact Charitable staff. Joining long-time staff members Emily Allred and James McClair are MacKenzie Fair, Direct Cash Program Manager and Cindy Willard, Capital Activation Services. MacKenzie will be managing the Left Behind Workers Fund as well as other direct cash transfer pilot programs while Cindy will be working with funders and organizations to move more capital in custom and creative ways. We are fortunate to have such a talented and committed team!  Please visit the website to learn more about our board and team!

Rich Hoops
Exec. Director


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