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Our approach to change hinges on our entrepreneurial nature and our willingness to try new ways of deploying philanthropic capital into community. Our team is driven by their commitment to impact, combining their unique backgrounds and perspectives to co-develop custom, creative, inclusive approaches to disrupting systemic inequities.


A values-aligned

community of doers

When it comes to social change, we take a creative and imaginative approach so we’re not just replicating the same systems that got us here. We believe that using philanthropy the way it’s always been used isn’t working—if it did work then everything would be fixed already.

We use our unique place in the market as a nonprofit, impact-first investor to pilot new ideas, build on existing successes, and collaborate with partners who are motivated to create lasting impact, especially when it comes to racial, social, equity, and gender causes.

We have a deep willingness to innovate, move quickly, and iterate. The Left Behind Workers Fund is a perfect example. We didn’t let logistical roadblocks get in the way. We agreed on what we were trying to achieve, then we were flexible on how we got there. We moved fast, and we met an urgent need.

A Scalable Impact



We offer a suite of capital-ready philanthropic and investment opportunities, but we specialize in partnering with funders who are looking to meet an unmet need with a creative, new or underutilized tool. Our team partners with bold funders who are looking to disrupt traditional models of philanthropy and investing.

Grant making

Focused, high-impact grants are an important resource for social change. We work with “Catalytic Philanthropists” who think less about the organizations they want to support and more about the specific problems they want to solve. We are a thought partner for strategic and innovative grantmaking.


Impact Charitable has recently established several Direct Cash Assistance projects that provide immediate support for many of our community’s most vulnerable members. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests one of the most effective ways to support people in moving toward economic security is to provide direct cash, and Impact Charitable can be your partner in this work.

Helping us achieve so much more!

Our family foundation has limited infrastructure and staff to do everything we’d like. We’re always looking for ways to leverage our resources alongside other donors and investors, and partner with organizations who can help us achieve our goals. And we are consistently starved for opportunities to invest in creative and innovative solutions for local needs.

Our partnership with Impact Charitable satisfies many of these challenges: We now have a source of new opportunities for grants and investments; our resources are now deployed alongside other investors, essentially amplifying our capital. And Impact Charitable is our preferred solution to manage these transactions on a day-to-day basis. We’re grateful for our partnership with Impact Charitable – it is helping us achieve so much more!

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Impact Charitable is focused on results. We closely review our grants and investments to understand how they impact people and communities.

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