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Economic Mobility Programs

Helping to put money directly in the hands of individuals, families & communities most impacted by economic injustice.

Executive Overview

Impact Charitable has partnered with funders and communities to deploy over $40 million in direct financial assistance, impacting over 25,000 individuals and families

Every person should have the financial resources they need to support their families.

But wealth and income inequality have continued to grow in the United States, leaving more and more communities behind. Today, nearly a third of all households do not even have $400 in cash on hand to deal with an unexpected, emergency expense.

This is particularly concentrated amongst communities of color and immigrants, who have long faced discrimination in employment, housing, and access to government benefits despite playing critical roles in our communities and economy.

These outcomes are neither inevitable nor irreversible. At Impact Charitable, we believe we can and must do better.

We work with community leaders, catalytic funders, local governments, and other changemakers to put resources directly in the hands of individuals most impacted by economic injustices. We do this by:


Intervening in key moments to prevent families from falling deeper into poverty through programs like emergency rental assistance or job loss payments

Providing unrestricted, unconditional emergency cash assistance and basic income

Building long-term wealth through innovative vehicles that aim to break intergenerational cycles of poverty

Through our comprehensive program design, implementation & management and payment facilitation capabilities, Impact Charitable has partnered with funders and communities to deploy over $40 million in direct cash assistance, impacting over 25,000 individuals and families.

Partnering with funders and communities, our programs are designed to help:

Financial shocks, as little as $400 in unexpected expenses, can push families deeper into poverty, housing instability, and food insecurity. Our cash assistance, emergency rental assistance, and unemployment assistance programs aim to support communities in moments where they teeter on the edge of falling deeper into poverty. We intervene with emergency assistance that can provide critical economic stability, avert further economic crises, and put families on a path towards rebuilding. We have provided over $38 million dollars in emergency financial assistance to date.

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There is a growing body of evidence that suggests one of the most effective ways to support people in moving toward economic security is to provide recurring, direct cash payments, often called ‘basic income’. The fundamental philosophy behind this collective work supporting basic income is a belief that people should be trusted to make decisions for themselves. We provide unrestricted, cash payments that do not require recipients to participate in certain programs  — like education or workforce training —  to remain eligible. This gives people power and agency over their futures. Our basic income programs provide over $10.5 million in unrestricted cash to communities.

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The most critical way to break generational cycles of poverty and reduce long-term economic inequality is to support low-income families to build wealth by accruing assets, like retirement accounts, home ownership, or appreciable investments. Together with our community and funding partners, we work to build products and programs that enable families to build wealth through innovative vehicles that reduce systemic barriers.

Product Overview

By partnering with catalytic funders, community leaders, local governments, and other changemakers, Impact Charitable offers a comprehensive set of services to support direct cash assistance and economic mobility programs.

We offer community-centered, participatory program design services that leverage the expertise and lived experience of those most proximate to the communities we serve. We design bespoke economic mobility, guaranteed income, and direct cash assistance programs and have supported municipal governments, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and grassroots community organizations to bring their visions to life. The services we offer include:

• Strategy Development
• End-to-End Customized Community-Led Design Services
Theory of Impact Development
Development & Facilitation of Community Advisory Communities & Task Forces
Human Centered Design
Qualitative & Quantitative Research
Landscape Analyses

We implement and manage direct cash assistance and economic mobility programs. We have a track record of delivering high-quality, community-centered programs, supporting end-to-end management of all aspects of the program design, launch, implementation, and evaluation. Specifically we offer: 

End-to-End Program Management
Payment Facilitation
Vendor Selection & Management
Community-Based Organization Partnership Recruitment & Management
Program Evaluation
Fund Management
Funder Compliance & Reporting

We offer payment facilitation to help organizations get cash into the hands of individuals. We have worked with foundations and community organizations to facilitate direct cash payments with ease and simplicity. We specialize in offering low-cost payment facilitation for small to medium programs (10-200 participants) and can offer: 

Administration of Cash Payments as Gifts
Application Development
Eligibility Verification
Accessible Payment Facilitation
Customer Support
Anonymized Spending Data & Reporting
Fund Management
Risk Mitigation Advising  

Through our in-house payment facilitation or partnerships with third-party application and payment platforms, we can manage programs of up to $50 million.  

Our Projects

Emergency Assistance

• Left Behind Workers Fund
• Left Behind Workers Fund: Rental Assistance
• Benefit Recovery Fund

Basic Income

• Denver Basic Income Project
• Thriving Providers Program
• Elevate Boulder Guaranteed Income
• goldbug Pilot for Pregnant Individuals


• Tenant Equity Vehicle
• Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth
• Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative

Free Guide

Thriving Providers Project Benefits Protection Toolkit

The Benefits Protection Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to develop and integrate a benefits protection strategy into your Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) program design.

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