Opening your Impact Donor-Advised Fund

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We are excited that you’re joining Impact Charitable’s community of donors! If you can provide us with the info below, we’ll complete your DAF setup and send you a fund agreement for approval. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions by contacting us or calling 303-564-1819. Already a client? Login here.


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Will default to Fund Advisor unless otherwise indicated

Fund Roles

You do not need to add any additional roles at this time. However, if there are other donors/grant advisors, financial advisors, or successors you would like to add, you can do so now.


You may choose to name a successor in the event of your death, designate a nonprofit organization to receive the balance of the fund, or skip for now.
Name of individual or nonprofit organization
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Initial Contribution

The minimum initial contribution amount is $5000.
Initial investment will default to the Pathstone - Fixed Income account, if no selection is made.

All funds will be initially placed into a money market account with Amalgamated Bank. Investments will then be made into Impact Charitable’s core portfolio with Cornerstone Capital Group. Additional customization and direct impact investment options may be available. Contact us for more details.