Direct Cash Assistance

Providing Basic Income

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests one of the most effective ways to support people in moving toward economic security is to provide recurring, direct cash payments, often called ‘basic income’.

The fundamental philosophy behind Impact Charitable’s work supporting basic income is a belief that people should be trusted to make decisions for themselves. We provide unrestricted, cash payments that do not require recipients to participate in certain programs — like education or workforce training — to remain eligible, in order to give people power and agency over their futures.

The Thriving Providers Project supports Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers who are the largest subset of the childcare workforce outside of parental care, and yet face barriers in accessing subsidies and other resources to support their caregiving. In partnership with HomeGrown, Impact Charitable launched the Thriving Providers Project to provide wage supplementation in the form of basic income to FFN providers in Colorado. This program will provide $900,000 to 100 FFN providers ($500 per month) over 18 months.

The Denver Basic Income Project serves individuals who are unhoused by examining the impact of direct cash distributions in an effort to encourage a healthier society centered around human thriving. As the fiscal sponsor, Impact Charitable will help facilitate the distribution of over $7 million to over 850 individuals experiencing homelessness.

Affordability is one of the greatest challenges for Boulder community members, especially those experiencing low incomes and systemic inequities. To complement existing human services and financial assistance programs, the Elevate Boulder Guaranteed Income Program aims to help community members achieve longer-lasting financial stability. As the Pilot Program Management Consultant, Impact Charitable is working with the City of Boulder to design & distribute $2.4 million in basic income to households across Boulder.

goldbug Guaranteed Income Pilot for Pregnant Individuals

Pregnant individuals, particularly those with low incomes and from communities of color, face increased risk associated with childbirth and its aftermath. This pilot program, launching in fall 2023, will provide pregnant individuals with $750 monthly from their third trimester through the first year of their baby’s life with the aim of reducing maternal mortality and increasing maternal joy.

Payment Facilitation

Impact Charitable also supports other organizations in delivering direct cash and basic income payments to communities across the US. As a 501(c)3 we are able to offer cash payments as gifts, take the burden of 990 reporting off funders and other philanthropic partners, and support simple, streamlined grant payments to individuals. We have supported payment facilitation for everything from one-time payments to first-generation college students to ongoing monthly payments to low-wage earning families!

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