Who We Are

About Impact Charitable

We bring new solutions to persistent problems

At Impact Charitable, we recognize that some nonprofits, social enterprises and communities face systemic barriers when attempting to access investment and grant capital. We are dedicated to helping fill these capital gaps by collaborating with public and private funders who want to mobilize their assets into their communities in impactful ways.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which change makers can thrive by having access to the funding needed to fulfill their visions and solve systemic problems.

Impact Charitable exists to help close the gaps between the sources of impact-first capital and communities, ventures and funds who have traditionally faced systemic barriers to accessing critical financial resources.

Our Mission

Impact Charitable unites catalytic philanthropists with community partners, financial institutions, foundations, social enterprises, and governmental bodies.

As an Impact Capital Catalyst, Impact Charitable unlocks and accelerates capital that sparks positive change. We move more money, in more ways, to more people and places.

Who We Are

Our Core Values

We strive to be boldly entrepreneurial - creative and optimistic in how we evaluate risk (the reasons to say no) by embracing complexity and look for ways to say yes.

We are collaborative at our core and centered in partnership with each other and those we serve.

We champion excellence in service of justice by holding ourselves accountable to quality services, as those we serve deserve the best.

We begin with trust in each other and our partners, believing that we all are working to have impact in the world, which means we are compassionate and respectful, meeting each other where we are to accomplish our goals.

We are dedicated to continuous learning, relentless curiosity, and humility that leads to listening before action.

We are relationship-centered and embrace opportunities to lift up our Partners, Community, Funders, Founders, and each other and what we all do best. We know that moving in this way allows for deeper connection to each other that results in understanding, cultivation of empathy, agency, commitment and justice for all.

We approach all that we do with gratitude and believe in recognizing and celebrating each other and those we work with.

How We Do It

How We Catalyze Capital for Impact

As a nonprofit and donor-advised funds provider, we offer a suite of philanthropic tools and ready-made investment opportunities, but we specialize in partnering with funders who are looking to meet an unmet need with a creative—even unconventional—tool. For almost a decade, we’ve been innovating how we invest in our community, looking across sectors and investment types for scalable impact.

Unlock and accelerate capital that sparks positive change

Donor-Advised Funds are one of our tools for impact. But we do DAFs differently.

Impact Charitable has extensive impact-first investing experience, combining the expertise of our staff in philanthropy and finance to help people move money directly into impactful organizations to make lasting change.

Bring together like-minded funders for pooled investments

At Impact Charitable, we believe that bringing a range of tools to the table is the best way to catalyze change.

Coordinating the use of different forms of financial resources supports a larger range of solutions that can tackle problems in different ways. No one organization can solve an issue alone. No one source of capital is the answer to funding solutions.

Leverage our expertise to launch direct cash and economic mobility programs

Impact Charitable has become a nationwide leader in direct cash transfers (DCT) since the launch of the Left Behind Workers Fund in April 2020. Check out our DCT best practices report for the latest research.

If you would like to reach an underserved community with direct cash, we can assist—from planning to implementation to evaluation.

Bring investors together to increase the efficiency of impact-first investments

PRIs are a flexible financing tool that allow foundations to invest in solutions to social problems, while also recycling those dollars for new investments.

The Impact Charitable team can lend their expertise in philanthropy and finance to make these investments efficiently and effectively.

Free Case Study

Learn more about our recent initiatives and see the impact.

Launched in April 2020, the Left Behind Workers Fund (LBWF) supports undocumented workers in Colorado who suffered job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic (as well as undue financial hardship beyond COVID-19).