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Impact-First Investments

Within impact-first investing,
our investment, transaction services cut across all that we do.

Executive Overview

As an Impact Capital Catalyst, Impact Charitable unlocks and accelerates capital that sparks positive change.

We move more money, in more ways, to more people and places.

And we do this through Impact-First Investing. Our focus is first and foremost on impact, and we balance the financial return and risk relative to this impact. We understand the need for non-traditional investment structures, and the accompanying due diligence to make prudent investments. While we fully expect to see financial returns on investments from our Funds, we function as an impact-first investor, focusing on the impact and outcomes from investments over the level of financial return.

We are not a parking lot for funds.

We are not just a grantmaker, either—although we love grants and we help our investors make them all the time. Instead, our bread and butter at Impact Charitable is the more innovative stuff—the newer thinking, the out-of-the-box problem solving, the higher risk and higher reward. DAFs are a conventional philanthropic tool, but they do not have to be used conventionally.

We work with investors

We work with investors who realize that all the traditional approaches in the world may not be enough to achieve the just, equitable outcomes we want. Impact Charitable has extensive impact-first investing experience, combining the expertise of our staff in philanthropy and finance to help people move money directly into impactful organizations to make lasting change.

Product Overview

We are ready to be a resource for you

Through our full range of transaction support services including due diligence, transaction structuring & execution (legal), investment management and reporting, we can help with:

Direct Investments

Direct, philanthropic investments into ventures, project, funds

Program-Related Investment Services

Transaction support, facilitation, capital aggregation

Philanthropic Investment Funds

Create and manage specific thematic investment funds

Transaction Services

Source direct impact investments into for-profits, nonprofits, ventures and funds

Bring together like-minded funders for pooled investments

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• Source investments and provide transaction services to complete direct impact investments into for-profit, nonprofit ventures and funds.

• Create community-driven special purpose “thematic” funds based on: Types of capital (flexible debt, equity etc.), Community focus (BIPOC, etc.), Thematic area: Food Systems, Flexible, low-cost capital

• Bring together like-minded funders for pooled investments

• Construct integrated capital portfolios in areas of interest, such as local food systems, place-based investing

• Learn through investment management and reporting

• Share lessons learned and promising practices

Our Process

Recirculating Capital for Greater Impact

An Impact Charitable, Donor-Advised Fund is the conduit for many different types of impact, made through many different types of tools.

Your funds are invested to generate positive social outcomes and financial return. You can then reinvest the same funds to achieve more positive change. Over and over and over again.

Featured Work


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bobdadosa fulfilled contracts to provide free nutritious meals and/or fresh produce through federal food programs...

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Impact-First Investing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bobdadosa fulfilled contracts to provide free nutritious meals and/or fresh produce through federal food programs including Women, Infant and Children (WIC), Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) in addition to their important home grocery delivery in low-income neighborhoods. Today, Bondadosa is partnering with the State of Colorado to be a WIC and SNAP retailer and continue serving low-income residents throughout the Denver Metro area. Through their existing infrastructure and experience from providing direct delivery of groceries, Bondadosa will leverage their online grocery ordering platform to integrate with WIC and SNAP information systems, and continue serving low-income families.

A $300,000 expansion loan, in partnership with SVP Denver, the CABB and Impact Charitable DAF holders, will help them expand delivery to reach 30,000 households in the next year.

Cam Welch

Client Services Coordinator

Cam believes in the transformative power of genuine relationships coupled with dynamic solutions to create pathways for a more equitable future. With a background and experience across the corporate and nonprofit sectors, he brings a unique perspective to his role as a Client Services Coordinator at Impact Charitable.

His passion for community-driven impact grew during his tenure at The Denver Foundation. As a Reisher Scholarship Associate he championed education and empowerment. His stewardship was pivotal in fostering an active alumni community, orchestrating forums on racial equity, and expediting grants in times of crisis, exemplifying his unwavering dedication to catalyzing change.

Cam holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership, from the University of Denver. This academic foundation, complemented by his professional journey, positions him as a dynamic force in the quest for equitable solutions. When not actively shaping a brighter tomorrow, Cam immerses himself in the great Colorado outdoors, engages in portrait photography, and indulges his culinary flair. Nestled in Denver, Colorado, Cam remains intrinsically tethered to his community, eagerly contributing to a lasting, positive change.