CABB Partnership

Collective for the Advancement of BIPOC+ Business.

CABB works together to identify, support and serve BIPOC+ owned businesses in Denver through culturally relevant education, collaboration and access to capital and financial literacy.

Impact Charitable, an impact capital catalyst, is partnering with the New Community Transformation Fund - Denver

As part of the CABB, Impact Charitable has created an investment fund to provide “Friends and Family” type capital to businesses to further the goal of the CABB in growing and scaling underinvested BIPOC+ businesses.

The intention is to position BIPOC+ businesses to create an economic ripple effect in building generational wealth within their communities. ensure entrepreneurs will be ready for venture and institutional funding This Fund will focus on businesses that are rapidly growing, offer an innovative product or service, and do not fit into traditional funding models or institutions. We will fund those working to scale models, advance toward significant valuation and/or exceed incremental growth.

We welcome early-stage businesses with a strong business model and financial plan that has been vetted and built upon.

The goal of the CABB is to grow and scale underinvested BIPOC+ businesses.

This Fund will focus on businesses that are rapidly growing, offer an innovative product or service, and do not fit into traditional funding models or institutions. We will fund those working to scale models, advance toward significant valuation and/or exceed incremental growth.

CABB-Denver program is currently accepting applications for investment

This means that you are generating sales/revenue, have a strong pipeline of business ahead of you, or are on a steady path toward scalable revenue. You can demonstrate a clear path for growth, use of the investment capital, and how that investment will be repaid.

Funding under this Fund shall be available only to Business Participants meeting the following criteria:

• Physically located within the boundaries of the City and County of Denver at the time of funding and for a minimum of three years after.

• Be a diverse-owned businesses, inclusive of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ identities, veterans, and women.

• Be registered with Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

• Be engaged in activities that are legal under Colorado law

• Can provide a complete application including ability to provide financial records

• Be in good standing with local, state, and federal taxing and licensing authorities

• Prefer business to be certified as MWBE with the city and county of Denver (applicable to for profit companies that qualify) or actively pursuing certification.

• Interest in connecting with other businesses supported by the Fund

• Ability to provide reporting on a regular basis to the Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

A full list of CABB partners can be found here – and you can start the process by sharing your information through our navigation process – which helps to connect businesses with the right resources.

The Sanford Group, LLC is the CABB partner that can help support the certification process. Complete the form and under the type of support, please note MWBE certification.

No, you do not have to work with a CABB partner to be eligible to apply for an investment. We do provide preference for businesses that have worked with our partners.

All interested businesses must complete the CABB survey to become involved in the project –

Investments range from $25,000 – $250,000

The Friends and Family Fund can make a wide range of investment types include debt, equity, revenue-based financing, SAFE, Sharia-compliant finance, convertible debt and others. We will work to identify and structure the type of investment that best supports the business.

Impact Charitable will ask for a business plan, pitch deck, past financial statements (if available), a pro forma and growth plan, among other documents. Organizations that move forward in the investment project may be asked to pitch to the investment committee. A complete list of required documents will be provided at the application stage.

We will support businesses that share the values of the CABB project to build community wealth and benefit people and the planet through building businesses. The business does not need to have a formal mission statement, but we do assess how you are committed to your community—your employees and owners, your clients and customers, the environment and sustainability, and/or other community partners. We understand that there are many ways for businesses to have a positive impact, different organizations may have different impact values. We encourage you to help us understand your impact beyond financial metrics.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The investment committee meets monthly to review applications and make decisions. The process may take a few months as we review and analyze investment documents.

The Fund will require regular quarterly reporting during the life of the investment. Specific requirements will be determined at the close of the investment and communicated clearly to all parties involved.

Cam Welch

Client Services Coordinator

Cam believes in the transformative power of genuine relationships coupled with dynamic solutions to create pathways for a more equitable future. With a background and experience across the corporate and nonprofit sectors, he brings a unique perspective to his role as a Client Services Coordinator at Impact Charitable.

His passion for community-driven impact grew during his tenure at The Denver Foundation. As a Reisher Scholarship Associate he championed education and empowerment. His stewardship was pivotal in fostering an active alumni community, orchestrating forums on racial equity, and expediting grants in times of crisis, exemplifying his unwavering dedication to catalyzing change.

Cam holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership, from the University of Denver. This academic foundation, complemented by his professional journey, positions him as a dynamic force in the quest for equitable solutions. When not actively shaping a brighter tomorrow, Cam immerses himself in the great Colorado outdoors, engages in portrait photography, and indulges his culinary flair. Nestled in Denver, Colorado, Cam remains intrinsically tethered to his community, eagerly contributing to a lasting, positive change.