Direct Cash Transfers (DCT)

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest thatone of the most effective ways to help people movetoward economic security is to provide direct cash.Organizations considering direct cash transfers(DCT) […]

Direct Cash

Colorado is considered a trailblazer in the accelerating movement to expand guaranteed income pilots into nationwide policy. Read more about how Impact Charitable’s pioneering work launching numerous direct cash programs […]

Bondadosa Investment

Impact Charitable recently brought together a private foundation program-related investment, two investments from DAFs and funds from a special purpose fund to make a $300,000, low-interest loan to support the […]

Impact-First Investing

In 2007, the Rockefeller Foundation convened a meeting of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and investors at the foundation’s Bellagio Center on the shores of Lake Como, Italy for the purposes of discussing […]

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