Who we are and what we do as the Economic Mobility team

by Lizzy Romanes

At Impact Charitable, we work to: unlock capital; remove barriers; advance communities; and catalyze impact. On the Economic Mobility team, we are driven by a deep belief in economic justice and the transformative power of capital in helping individuals thrive. We work to identify the most effective ways to revolutionize access to capital for community members, promote financial stability and enable economic mobility and wealth creation. By doing so, we aspire to build a more just, prosperous, and equitable society. Our focus on building just economic systems is demonstrated not only in the work we do, but in how we do our work.  Our team utilizes a human-centered design approach that ensures communities and individuals most impacted by systems of oppression are at the forefront of decision-making.

The Economic Mobility team runs programs that support economic stability, help individuals weather financial shocks and build financial resiliency, and puts individuals on pathways towards long-term wealth creation.

Impact Charitable’s programs have three main objectives:

  • Intervene in key moments to prevent families from falling deeper into poverty through programs like emergency rental assistance or job loss payments
  • Provide unrestricted, unconditional emergency cash assistance and basic income to support long-term financial stability and enable financial resiliency
  • Build long-term wealth through innovative vehicles that aim to break intergenerational cycles of poverty

Beyond our goal of accomplishing each objective, the Economic Mobility team’s work is guided by the following principles:

  • Be Bold: We are innovative and audacious in our work, because we believe our community deserves nothing less.
  • Shift Power: We democratize power by moving resources and decision-making to those most proximate to and disproportionately impacted by the problems we are working to solve.
  • Leave a Legacy: We design programs that can create transformative change for current and future generations to thrive, and work to influence system-level change.
  • Enable Equity: We center the experiences of the community, bringing in the reality and context of those we serve into all aspects of our work.
  • Center Justice: We design and run programs that aim to acknowledge the root causes of injustices by redressing past harms to create future opportunities.
  • Build Agency: We believe in practices that reinforce choice for those that we serve, and allow communities to lead lives on their own terms.

This work is critically important in that it seeks to help individuals move up the economic ladder and to break generational cycles of poverty. Our team at Impact Charitable uses a framework we call “The Wealth Building Continuum” which demonstrates the steps to supporting financial well-being.

To date, Impact Charitable’s Economic Mobility programming has deployed over $44 million in cash assistance and guaranteed income to over 26,000 individuals and families.


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