Impact investing

The term “impact investing” has gained real traction and attention from investors within both traditional philanthropy and mainstream investing in recent years. At its core, impact investing is the deployment of capital with the intent of generating financial return together with measurable social and environmental impacts. Philanthropic capital is ideally suited for impact investing as tools like Donor-Advised Funds are investment accounts earmarked for a charitable purpose. This offers more flexibility to pursue a financial and impact return.


Community of doers

At Impact Charitable, we partner with bold funders who are looking to disrupt traditional models of philanthropy. We are dedicated to helping fill existing capital gaps by collaborating with public and private funders who want to mobilize their assets into their communities in creative and impactful ways. We offer a suite of capital-ready philanthropic and investment opportunities, but we specialize in partnering with funders who are looking to meet an unmet need with a creative, new or underutilized tool. For almost a decade, we’ve been innovating how we invest in our community, looking across sectors and investment types for deep impact.

In our dual capacity as an accelerator for big, bold ideas and a provider of creative investment tools, we embrace risk. And our community of catalytic philanthropists understand that they have the power to take the risks that institutions, governments and businesses cannot.  Together, we are building bridges between funders and community needs that have been neglected by persistent and harmful capital gaps.  We collectivize our knowledge and strategies, working on integrated approaches to policy, community partnerships, philanthropy and investment.

Impact Investing Support Services

We are ready to be a resource and a partner with you to:

  • Source investments and provide transaction services to complete direct impact investments into for-profit, nonprofit ventures and funds.
  • Create community-driven special purpose “thematic” funds based on:
    • Types of capital (flexible debt, equity etc.)
    • Community focus (BIPOC, etc.)
    • Thematic area: Food Systems, Flexible, low-cost capital
  • Bring together like-minded funders for pooled investments
  • Construct integrated capital portfolios in areas of interest, such as local food systems, place-based investing
  • Learn through investment management and reporting
  • Share lessons learned and promising practices

We can utilize a range of tools including Donor-Advised Funds, Special Purpose Funds, Pooled Investing Funds, Giving Circles and other philanthropic vehicles to activate assets for social and environmental impact.


Loan to a Social Enterprise

One of Impact Charitable’s Donor-Advised Fund holders met a Native American entrepreneur who needed capital to...

One of Impact Chartiable’s DAF holders met a Native American entrepreneur who needed capital to get her bed and breakfast off the ground. He built a relationship with the individual and realized that if the business took off it would be life changing for her and would allow the whole family to control their own destiny as proprietors. IC was able to help our client set up a low-interest loan which allows for a return; however, the impact is even larger creating agency for the family in their finances and this will also positively affect their entire community. He resonated with the mission of this Native American entrepreneur to share their culture in a way that is authentic. A $20,000 loan was made into an organization that would have been considered high-risk and had limited access to capital.


Income Sharing Agreement

A Donor-Advised Fund holder made an income-sharing agreement with the Watson Institute to support emerging entrepreneurs...

Income Sharing Agreement: A Donor-Advised Fund holder made an income-sharing agreement with the Watson Institute to support emerging entrepreneurs and their new ventures. This Income share agreement enables a class of Watson scholars who would otherwise not be able to afford tuition to complete Watson’s rigorous, award-winning curriculum and methodology. Upon graduating and earning an income above a minimum threshold, alumni share a percentage of their income for a set number of years.

MAKing Daf Easy

Easy-to-Use Platform

Impact Charitable has an easy-to-use platform for Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) holders to use allowing them to see their fund balance, recommend grants and access other information. If you have a fund with Impact Charitable, you can log in below.

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