Grant Making

Whether launching a programmatic initiative, joining a funder collaborative or just trying a new philanthropic approach for the first time, it’s helpful to have a strategic partner to turn to—that’s where we come in.


Impactful Opportunities

Philanthropic capital is often integral for creating impact. Grants are a first step on the capital continuum that can accelerate positive change. Our goal is to help philanthropists and investors make the most of their grant making. Impact Charitable partners with those who are actively looking for opportunities to advance their strategy, they just need a partner who is willing to take a pioneering approach. We help funders find and fund impactful opportunities, often in partnership with like-minded donors.

We work with the clients to understand their giving plans and priorities, and ensure we can support these plans while investing in impact. Impact Charitable provides traditional Donor-Advised Fund services and options alongside opportunities for customized direct investment opportunities and funds.

Catalytic Grantmaking support services

We are ready to be a resource and a partner with you to:

  • Develop integrated grantmaking in areas of interest, such as local food systems, place-based investing, and community development
  • Bring together like-minded funders for pooled grants into organizations and initiatives
  • Make Expenditure Responsibility grants into social enterprises
  • Create community-led, participatory grant-making programs
  • Leverage grants to support other integrated capital investments
  • Share lessons learned and promising practices

We collectivize our knowledge and strategies and believe that aligned, catalytic grants can have a substantive impact on communities and the environment.

At Impact Charitable, we work with a group of philanthropists known as “Catalytic Philanthropists”. These funders—including individuals, foundations and government entities—think less about the organizations they want to support and more about the specific problems they want to solve. They favor a systemic approach to achieving impact at scale, and they use every tool at their disposal, including their business acumen, connections, financial resources and intellectual know-how. 

Catalytic philanthropists are dogged in their search for creative, even unconventional, opportunities to advance their impact goals. Some originate strategies, others look for exposure to innovative approaches to intractable problems—either way, they think impact first, vehicle second. And we are their vehicle provider and strategic partner.

Recent Examples


CEDS/Sistahbiz integrated capital grant

Sistahbiz is a nonprofit business accelerator providing affordable options for...

Sistahbiz is a nonprofit business accelerator providing affordable options for coaching, training, and services to help black women build scalable, sellable models and access the back-office support, cash flow, and social capital that they need. A $10,000 grant was made to support the work of Sistahbiz and Community Enterprise Development Services, a CDFI, to support the development of businesses and to leverage the disbursement of a loan fund that specifically provides capital to these businesses.

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Easy-to-Use Platform

Impact Charitable has an easy-to-use platform for DAF holders to use allowing them to see their fund balance, recommend grants and access other important information. If you have a fund with Impact Charitable, you can log in below.

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