Impact Charitable Announces Rich Hoops as Executive Director

by Cindy Willard

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December 14th, 2020.

Impact Charitable Announces Rich Hoops as Executive Director, succeeding Ed Briscoe, founder and co-Director, effective today.

Impact Charitable, a Denver-based Donor-Advised-Fund (DAF), offers donors the ability to for account holders to invest their philanthropic capital in a way that aligns with their values while simultaneously offering innovative ways to mobilize that capital for maximum impact through traditional DAF services, Direct Investment Opportunities and Special Purpose Funds.  Most recently, Impact Charitable facilitated a pooled loan fund to support African American female entrepreneurs through a partnership with SistahBiz and CEDSs while also surpassing $10m in grants received and distributed to over 9,400workers overlooked by the CARES Act and unemployment benefits through the Left Behind Workers Fund. 

Ed Briscoe, inspired by the potential for Donor Advised Funds to mobilize philanthropic capital as a way to fill a critical “capital gap” for high impact social enterprises, projects, founded Impact Charitable in 2015 and since has helped match numerous donors with opportunities to channel their philanthropic capital in to unique investment and pooled fund opportunities benefiting a number of high-impact enterprises.  Ed is the founder of Weave Social Finance, LLC where he specializes in providing consulting and transaction support services to impact projects that qualify for the federal New Market Tax Credit Program and affordable housing.  Ed will continue to stay involved in his ongoing role as board president.

After a successful private sector career in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings, Rich Hoops has dedicated the last fifteen years to making a difference in the community through his personal philanthropy, impact investing and nonprofit leadership.  Rich was the co-founder and board chair of Impact Hub Boulder, served as an advisor to the Colorado Impact Initiative/Co Impact Days and has been a founding board member of Impact Charitable. He is also a member of Social Venture Partners Denver and Social Venture Circle.

“My goal for Impact Charitable has always been for it to move behind being my “passion project” and reach a point where it could have a wider impact and work towards self-sustainability. With the success of the LBWF and higher volume of direct investments this year, it is time for me to step aside.  Rich is the perfect person to lead the organization. He has known the work from the beginning, and this will be just the next phase of his 100% commitment to positive impact in many communities.” – Ed Briscoe

“The Denver community owes Ed and his team a great deal of gratitude for all they have contributed through their selfless work over the years building and growing Impact Charitable”, says Rich. “In addition to offering traditional DAF services, Impact Charitable has provided donors the ability to invest their DAF accounts in ways that align with their values while being presented opportunities to see their capital put to use in unique ways through direct investments and highly leveraged pooled funds.  As a result, numerous ventures/funds have been given access to patient, affordable, catalytic capital they deserve.  I am truly excited for the opportunity to build on their legacy and the opportunities to grow our impact.”

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Cam Welch

Client Services Coordinator

Cam believes in the transformative power of genuine relationships coupled with dynamic solutions to create pathways for a more equitable future. With a background and experience across the corporate and nonprofit sectors, he brings a unique perspective to his role as a Client Services Coordinator at Impact Charitable.

His passion for community-driven impact grew during his tenure at The Denver Foundation. As a Reisher Scholarship Associate he championed education and empowerment. His stewardship was pivotal in fostering an active alumni community, orchestrating forums on racial equity, and expediting grants in times of crisis, exemplifying his unwavering dedication to catalyzing change.

Cam holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership, from the University of Denver. This academic foundation, complemented by his professional journey, positions him as a dynamic force in the quest for equitable solutions. When not actively shaping a brighter tomorrow, Cam immerses himself in the great Colorado outdoors, engages in portrait photography, and indulges his culinary flair. Nestled in Denver, Colorado, Cam remains intrinsically tethered to his community, eagerly contributing to a lasting, positive change.