Bondadosa Investment

by Rich Hoops

Impact Charitable recently brought together a private foundation program-related investment, two investments from DAFs and funds from a special purpose fund to make a $300,000, low-interest loan to support the growth of Bondadosa. This the second loan to Bondadosa from Impact Charitable, made in partnership with SVP Denver and its social impact investor group, with the first loan being repaid ahead of schedule.

Problem: Our food system is fragmented at best. Highly-processed products travel thousands of miles and come at high cost, both at the register and in long-term health risks. Low income and technical barriers of accessing online EBT and WIC benefits prevent millions from receiving equal access to modern conveniences that affect healthy nourishment, opportunities cost of time, and overall quality of life. In addition, many local & regional producers are left unable to earn income through these programs.

Solution: Bondadosa brings high quality and local food directly to the consumers through technology-based, fulfillment and distribution projects. Bondadosa is tasked with building an online order platform to facilitate home delivery for Colorado’s most vulnerable populations – improving convenience, equitable access, nutrition quality, and affordability. An added highlight is the responsibility to support regional farmers & producers in getting their products eligible for WIC & SNAP benefits, increasing their revenues & improving nutrient quality for consumers.

The loan will fund the next stage of significant growth for Bondadosa. Their work to integrate solutions for fulfillment, distribution, and technology to deliver access to healthy, affordable food and goods is ready to expand with support from the state. Bondadosa is in a pilot phase of a partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to to be a WIC and SNAP retailer. They recently completed a pilot project to support a limited number of orders monthly serving low income households. With the launch of the updated online ordering platform in early 2023, Bondadosa expects to be delivering groceries to approximately 27,000 households by the end of 2023.

Maggie Brown, CEO quote

We are so grateful for the additional support and look forward to putting these funds to great use as we continue building our e-commerce platform for nutrition assistance program participants, as well as those seeking to support more local food producers. Thank you all for your support and confidence in Bondadosa. It feels great to move forward like this..” 


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