Left BEHIND WORKERS FUND: statewide program

Tens of thousands of workers in Colorado won’t receive stimulus checks or other Federal financial aid. The undocumented and other workers in our community have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, or haven’t been able to find work at the capacity they once did, and they need our help. They are not eligible for both unemployment insurance and the Federal stimulus funds.

To fill this pressing humanitarian need, the Left Behind Workers Fund was established and has been in operation since April 2020. We distribute cash grants to individuals and families across the state, and are seeking continued support of this fund to serve the thousands of more people in need.

Together with trusted non-profit partners that specifically serve lower-wage workers and undocumented immigrants, Impact Charitable is hosting The Left Behind Workers Fund. Our goal is to empower people who do not have access to any relief programs, to address their most pressing needs (food, rent, bills, health, transportation, etc.). Our payment options will be flexible for both banked and unbanked individuals.

Please join us as we continue to bring cash relief to the tens of thousands that are in need of basic human services today, and for the months ahead.

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Beginning in 2021

Colorado residents will be able to apply for a direct cash and supplemental assistance through one of the Community-Based Organizations listed at the end of this document. Grant specifics and eligibility requirements are outlined below.

Grant Type/Opportunity
  • Direct Cash Assistance: $1,000 for past 2021 recipients or $1,500 for non-2021 recipients.
  • Supplemental Assistance (up to $3,000)
    – Pay stub holder job loss/reduction: $1,000
    – Death of an income earner of household family member: $1,000
    – Experiencing extreme medical expenses of $7,500 or greater: $1,000
Eligibility Requirements
  • Direct Cash Assitance
    – Proof of Income
    Individual lives at an address within a qualified census tract (QCT) and self-attests that their household income is less than or equal to 80% AMI for county. This is determined by entering the individual’s address into Aidkit and cross-referencing it with QCT.

    If the individual lives at an address that is not within a QCT they must provide supporting documentation demonstrating that the individual’s income is at or below 80% AMI for a single person household for the county that the individual resides in. Supporting documentation must incude ONE of the following:

  • 2020, 2021 or 2022 Income Tax Documentation (Income tax documentation is required if a filing was made). After April 30th, 2022. 2020 income tax documentation will not be accepted. AND/OR
  • Pay stubs for the month prior to the request for assitance that includes year to date income AND/OR
  • Cash Income Attestation Form AND/OR
  • No Income Attestation Form
Supplemental Assistance
    • Paystub holder job loss/reduction
      – The individual lost their job within the 13 weeks prior to application due to no fault of their own and is not receiving Workers Compensation. AND/OR
      – The individual is experiencing job hour reduction at the time of application due to no fault of their ownand is not receiving Workers Compensation.
    • Death
      – Evidence of a loss of significant household income due to a death of a household member includes:

      Death certificate for a death in the last 18 months.

      2020, 2021, or 2022 Income Tax Filing- if such a filing was made, we will only accept 2021 and 2022 Income Tax filings after April 30th, 2022 or other documentation that the deceased household member contributed significant income to the household.

      Attestation that significant household income was lost.

    • Medical Expense
          – Unpaid or paid medical bills of at least $7,500
          – Bill must include individual’s name and be time stamped with a date of January 1st, 2021 or later.

partnering community  – based organizations

To receive support, please review the list of partners and select the partner in your community. You will want to contact your local partner directly to begin the application process.


  • Adelante Community Development
  • Amigos de Mexico
  • Central AMISTAD
  • Aurora Community Connection
  • Casa Inmigrante
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo, Inc.
  • Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center
  • Conectando
  • El Centro Humanitario
  • Focus Points
  • Full Circle of Lake County
  • GES Coalition
  • Hispanic Affairs Project
  • LaMedichi – Manaus
  • Lifespan Local
  • Papagayo
  • Servicios De La Raza
  • Village Exchange Center (Natural Helpers)
  • Westwood Unidos

    We are open to expanding our partnerships with organizations across the state to ensure improved access to this funding. Please be in touch if you are interested in participating in this program or have any ideas of organizations who may be.

    Email leftbehindworkersfund@impactcharitable.org